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  • Sumedha Ashok

Messages in Water- Water Crystals and Emotions

We started as a group for a spa design. Water was one of the main elements used in designing the spa. Therefore, the significance of water while designing a spa had to be researched. When I started out, I wondered what was there to research about water. It’s all about just two hydrogens and one oxygen atom, and nothing more. But my thoughts changed as I came across this article about Dr Emoto and his water crystals experiments.

Dr Masaru Emoto Water Experiment

His experiments began from one of the articles he read about the snowflakes having different crystalline forms. He disagreed with that statement. Hence, his water crystals experiments began. He set up his own laboratory and discovered that his presumptions about crystallization of water were in fact wrong. The water crystal structure from each sample of water from different rivers, lakes and seas was different. His presumptions further contradicted him and made him confused. So, his Muslim friend decided to help him and suggested he experiment with water from the ZAM – ZAM well in Mecca. He experimented with the water and was shocked to see that this water which is said to be the purest form of water, never crystallized. His friend suggested that they play prayer songs while the water was getting crystallised. Then they found two tiny beautiful water crystals. The explanation as to why the two crystals were formed was that the word ZAM-ZAM is of two parts, which lead to the two different types of crystal formation.

Water Crystals and Emotions

It was found that the different human emotions reflect the way water gets crystallized. For example, for a person with good thoughts in mind, water crystallizes in beautiful patterns and for a person with bad thoughts and intentions (eg. I will kill you) water never crystallizes. In homes, the element of water is believed to dissolve negative vibrations. Also, in religious spaces, it is said that the water bodies absorb positive vibrations from the cosmos and dissipate them to the surroundings.

The inference drawn made me think as to why people used water extensively in their built forms in earlier days; like in sacred temple tanks that could absorb positive vibrations, water in copper vessels in the courtyards of native Kerala houses, Baptism ponds in churches, water as a part of every positive ritual, etc. Now it’s time for us to think about how we incorporate water in our design for more than its aesthetic values. Water and emotions is indeed a challenging topic we are working towards.

- Sumedha Ashok


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