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10 Architects And Firms Building Natural Sustainable Homes

January 11, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

In the architecture-related article, Better India compiles a list of "10 Architects and Firms Building Natural, Sustainable Homes in India." Across the globe, officials, activists, and concerned citizens are struggling to contain the appalling impacts of climate change today. One of the lesser-known culprits of accelerated climate change today is architects. How you ask? They are largely responsible for the built-up environment around us today.

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The report "The Facts about Architecture and Climate Change" from ArchDaily says that "with 36 per cent of global energy devoted to buildings and 8 per cent of global emissions caused by cement alone, the architectural community is deeply entwined with the flows of materials, energy, and ideas that relate to climate change, both causes and solutions.” At this tipping point of irreversible dangers awaiting humanity, the massive role of sustainable and eco-friendly architects and their architecture comes into the limelight. Featured in this timely article, Benny Kuriakose and his use of indigenous knowledge to build structures have aided in the construction, reconstruction, and restoration of numerous important heritage sites, monuments, and constructions.

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