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Anantya Eco-friendly Resort - Travel Plus Leisure

September 30, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

An article featured in Travel + Leisure, exploring the Anantya Eco-friendly Resort. Designed by Benny Kuriakose and built along the Chittar Lake close to the historic town of Kanyakumari, It exhibits refined luxury with simplicity and a minimalist resort design. All these highlights make Anantya Resorts one of the finest nature-friendly resorts in India. Once a part of the erstwhile Travancore state, the sprawling 1,000-acre area that is home to the resort was bought by some British planters in the early 20th century.

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Around the late 1920s, it passed on to its present owners, Vaikundam Estate, named after the divine abode of Lord Vishnu. The 20-acre resort itself is on a peninsula overlooking the clear blue Chittar Lake and forms part of the larger rubber plantation of Vaikundam Estate. It is truly Travancore's best-kept secret! Here on the plantation, founder and director Lakshmy Ashok spent many weekends during her childhood. Over the years, the weekend home developed into a resort concept that allowed the family to share this magical lakeside with guests, too.

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