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Benny Kuriakose - Professional Perspective - Construction World

October 31, 2006 at 6:30:00 PM

In a chat with Construction World, Dr Benny Kuriakose talks about his ideologies as well as his vision for architecture. The interview offers concise documentation of his journey in the field and discusses some of his prestigious projects. Benny Kuriakose even elaborates on his choice of cost-effective construction materials and emphasises the need to keep in touch with culture as well as traditions.

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"Architecture is not like a painting, it has certain utilitarian aspects. We are creating buildings for the people using them, and their views, likes, and dislikes are very important. I do not want to impose my ideas on the buildings I design. I design each building according to each client’s needs, and that is why my buildings are different. Even if they are not interested, I will try my best to involve them. I want to make nice buildings that people like to use; I want to give importance to their physical and psychological needs. As each client is different, the details of each house will also be different," shares Kuriakose about his design sensibilities and vision.

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