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Benny Kuriakose On Passing Down His Learnings - Infinite Bloom

February 3, 2018 at 6:30:00 PM

In an interview with Infinite Bloom, Chennai-based architectural designer Benny Kuriakose who has built his practice around longevity and the use of natural and eco-friendly materials with designs that focus on natural light and air talks about his design philosophy, creativity, his office, etc. It makes perfect sense that a man who knows his roots can branch out. He believes that architecture should improve the quality of the environment by blending with it, embracing it, and reflecting the spirit of the people that interact in and around the spaces he builds.

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He is currently considered as one of the most influential voices in business, whose career has been defined by avoiding what is generally anticipated to bring creative ideas to life in the public realm. The article gives a glimpse of the places, people, and plans that Benny is most proud of. “I am looking forward to creating more offbeat designs and also to make the office more professional in the coming year. I am also looking forward to transferring the knowledge I have gained over the years to the younger generation” he says.

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