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Building Flood Resilient Structures - The Hindu

October 13, 2018 at 6:30:00 PM

After the widespread wreckage and havoc, the 2018 Kerala floods caused, the officials and the experts involved in the disaster-reconstruction work were faced with the tremendous challenge of starting from scratch. It is then that Benny Kuriakose, stuck at home with an ankle sprain, decides to take up the responsibility of preparing a flood manual that clearly elaborates on the need for constructing flood-resistant buildings and disaster-resilient architecture.

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This article, published in the Hindu newspaper, broadly discusses the Kerala Flood Manual book, framed by architectural designer Benny Kuriakose. "Once flood mapping is complete, it will be prudent to fix the safe level at least 2 ft above the maximum flood level recorded in August. Even the best engineering and architectural solutions will not be able to save a building if it is not built in accordance with the standards. Minor differences in elevation can drastically improve the safety of a building", Mr Kuriakose said. It is a simple but comprehensive handbook offering instructions and unambiguous illustrations on access to the site, layout, orientation of structures, elevation and so on.

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