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Eco-friendly House - The Hindu

August 22, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

This article in The Hindu talks about, the signature of Benny Kuriakose penned down through Krishnan Sitaraman & Ambily Krishnan’s residence at Injambakkam. ‘An airy, bright, friendly and easy-to-maintain traditional Kerala-type house with lots of natural material’ was the basic agenda set for this house. The house is in the shape of the Tamil alphabet ‘pa’, and all the living spaces overlook the central green courtyard. An assortment of sloping roofs rises over the terrace, with terracotta tiles laid over traditional wooden rafters.

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The sloping roofs, and the space beneath them also serve to shield the house from the sun’s heat. Incidentally, the backyard garden is larger and more imposing than the front yard, with a sprawling roofed sit-out. “We practically spend most of our waking moments here,” say Ambili and Krishnan Sitaraman. Beautiful hardwood and vividly coloured Athangudi tiles floor a good part of the house, while unpolished granites pave the car park and natural laterite stones dominate the garden area. Within the house, restored antique furniture and salvaged wooden pillars add to the traditional ambience.

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