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Enchanting Built Heritage - FWD Life Nostalgia Issue Architecture

September 30, 2016 at 6:30:00 PM

Although modern amenities, facilities and technologies have taken over our lives, there is an increasing awareness of built heritage. An example of this is seen in the growing popularity of heritage hotels as opposed to five-star hotels and this is what charms leading architect Benny Kuriakose, more popularly known as BK, who received the basic lessons in architecture under the tutelage of Laurie Baker. FWD Life Magazine's brief chat with Benny Kuriakose, who has been bringing the past back to the present by following vernacular and sustainable architecture.

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BK’s strict adherence to the universal principles of architecture can be seen in the range of his work: individual homes, resorts and institutional projects, in the Dakshinachitra project in Chennai, in the rehabilitation of disaster sites at Nagapattinam, Bhuj or Lattur and in the Heritage Project at Muziris in Kerala. This article highlights Benny Kuriakose's vernacular architecture expertise to include the charm of the past while working on projects. A few projects like Wayanad House, Anantya Resorts, Dakshinachitra and Muziris Heritage Project are also featured.

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