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Five Projects Of Benny Kuriakose - India Today Home

February 29, 2016 at 6:30:00 PM

Published in India Today Home Architectural special- “Spaces with Soul”, architect par excellence Benny Kuriakose shares five of his favourite private residences, from a beautiful beach-front bungalow to a chic wooden vacation home. He believes and lives by one simple architectural dictum, that there is no such thing as traditional or modern architecture; there is just good and bad architecture. He is best known for his work on the Kerala Section of the craft village known as Dakshinachitra in Chennai.

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Recent architectural works include the Muziris Heritage Project, The Springdale Heritage Resort in Vandiperiyar and the design of the tsunami-affected villages and private residences. He talks about Casa Roja, where the concept of blending traditional and contemporary design was consciously followed in the design.‘Vishram on the Sea’, where the criterion was how sensitively the design of the house form responded to the location. Tarawad house in Chennai, where the characteristics of this house are elegance, comfort and convenience with a natural earthiness. Pramankheni house and Wayanad House are all houses of elegance and comfort completing the list of his favourite five.

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