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Hot 100 Architectural Firms in India - Architect and Interiors

June 30, 2017 at 6:30:00 PM

This architectural article from “Architect and Interiors India- Recognising True Talent,” lists out the Hot 100 Architectural Firms in India. We are one of them. Benny Kuriakose and his Chennai-based architectural firm stand out for the vernacular and sustainable architectural practices they have been following since their provenance. In this article, he discusses his roots, nurturing, fruits and turning points in his architectural journey.

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Calling his entry into architecture an accident Benny Kuriakose recounts, “If I has not met Sri Laurie Baker during my studies, I would not be what I am. I have learnt my basic lessons of architecture from him.” Kuriakose worked with Laurie Baker for less than a year, after which he has largely been on his own, from 1985 onwards. Kuriakose is known more for his work on the master plan of the Muziris Heritage Project. Talking about his destination, he says, “I finished my doctorate three years ago. After that, I have been trying to do better quality projects; and I hope to design the best projects during the coming years. One of my dream projects is to design housing for old people.”

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