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Inspiring Vernacular Architecture

May 31, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM

Interiors & Decor magazine's June/July 2019 Anniversary Special Edition features a cover article on Benny Kuriakose, Principal Designer, Vedika, who opens up about his life and architectural journey thus far. His name has been acknowledged in the list of 50 Phenomenal Architects and Interior Designers compiled by the architectural magazine. He expresses his passion for conservation and shares his experience and the numerous lessons he gained while working on the Muzuris and Alappuzha Heritage Project.

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He also explains how effectively carrying out government real-estate projects might alter the architectural scene in India. He believes that conserving old buildings is the greenest architecture one can do since one is recycling the whole building. "In India, we have to produce an outstanding quality of architecture. Although more than 100,000 architects pass out every year, the quality of our public spaces and public buildings is much lower than the standard. The whole profession has to make a serious attempt to improve the quality of architecture in the country, and it is the responsibility of the profession", added Benny towards the end of the interview.

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