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Lessons From Traditional Techniques - Interview in The Hindu

August 5, 2005 at 6:30:00 PM

Adopting traditional techniques may just be the answer to many of India's building problems- Benny Kuriakose in conversation with The Hindu. "Tackling cost increase in construction means keeping an eagle eye on wastage. The science of recycling has more relevance in architecture, in building earthy, artistic creations,” says architect Benny Kuriakose in a chat with Ranjani Govind.

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Be it his conservation projects and reports on Srirangapatnam buildings and Anegundi Palace of Karnataka, his design of Kerala’s Institute of Palliative Medicine or his association with Madras Craft Foundation to transplant a hamlet of conventional dwellings into Dakshinachitra, or his creation of ethnic splendour along the sea coast of Chennai, every project has had a new ‘realty story’ of its own that bagged awards.

A man who leaves no stamp of his own, he says, “I’m a stickler to nature, and I believe in bring cost prudent. Functionality should be your ultimate goal in artistic creations.” He strongly believes that the conservation principles of materials, energy, resources, traditional techniques and traditional crafts should form the design foundation for any building. Read the full interview here to know more!

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