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Muziris Heritage Project - A Report - Architectural Digest

November 30, 2012 at 6:30:00 PM

Architectural Digest indites an article on the Muziris Heritage Project, one of Dr Benny Kuriakose’s major works. The mouth of the river Periyar, where Muziris is believed to have been located, was the gateway of the world into Kerala. For a long tie, it was thought that the small town of Kodnugaloor, about 10 km away from Pattanam, was Muziris, but the lens is now shifting to Paanam, a village with narrow winding roads along whose sides tiled houses stand on little plots lush with green trees.

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The Muziris Conservation Project, also known as the Lost City of Muziris, is being revived from the annals of history by the Kerala state government in order to reintroduce this ancient port city, reaffirm the state's heritage, and open the region to history seekers. Architectural Digest reports on the lost city of the Muziris and the Kerala government's initiative to put this once ancient port city back on the world map. “It will be a history of the world through Kerala,” says Kuriakose. And in that history, Muziris will come alive again.

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