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The Pyramid - A Quaint Paradise - Home Buy Express

August 14, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

Home Buy Express talks about contemporary traditional house concepts and principles that guided Benny Kuriakose to create the attractively unusual pyramid structured house Design near the East Coast Road, Chennai. This is a unique residential place where one can find the convergence of modish and traditional styles and is called ‘The Pyramid’. The Pyramid is a calm place with a posed ambience. Benny worked along with long time friend, Yamuna, to create a pyramid structured home with minimum walls and more space.

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He says, “The challenge was to give the home a different look by retaining some of its core components." "Though the house is modified into a contemporary one, the essence of the home is defined by its traditional flavour,” explains Benny. The spaces in the house are not divided by walls, they are divided visually instead, according to the functionalities of the space. All these features of the house truly make 'The Pyramid' an appealing and unique residential place. More photos of this house can be seen at

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