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Traditional Materials and Contemporary Style - The Hindu

February 29, 2008 at 6:30:00 PM

Apart from the green concepts that add sustainable sense to buildings, it’s ‘no wastage’ that plays a crucial role in low-cost structures, says architectural designer Benny Kuriakose, in a chat with Ranjani Govind for The Hindu. An advocate of nature and functionality, Benny Kuriakose believes that 'no wastage' architecture, if embraced, is a bigger step towards sustainability. In this candid interview, he talks about garnering different styles, the influence of Laurie Baker and about creating cost-effective or ‘no waste’ buildings as he likes to call them.

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“Such principles will really catch on in the coming years as you now hear everyone talking about sustainable development,” he says. Benny, a firm believer in functionality, employs a variety of materials like brick, mud, stone, bamboo, earthy tiles, thatch, and concrete. “Our expressions should be a commentary on how simple and unpretentious materials can be made to speak a contemporary tale by using them intelligently,” he unfolds. He believes that the best green buildings are the structures done by rural craftsmen and that we require an Indian sustainable architecture, not international sustainable architecture. Read the full interview here to know more!

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