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Vernacular Traditions - Contemporary Architecture - CasaRojo

November 30, 2012 at 6:30:00 PM

This is a book called “Vernacular Traditions and Contemporary Architecture”. Published by The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi, they have done a case study on Casa Rojo, a perfect example of sustainable affordable housing. Casa Rojo is a Chennai beach house that has been built as a cost-effective house design. Benny Kuriakose has designed this as an example of developing a union of needs of a contemporary lifestyle with a vernacular approach to construction.

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The essence of the building was to be a space which would exemplify a feeling of well being and tranquillity, a place to work, play and socialize without disturbing the harmony of the different elements encompassed within the space. Built amidst an old orchard, on nine grounds area, it includes a house, swimming pool, office space, servant’s quarters and amenities for entertainment. The interiors use elegant antique furniture that the owners collected over two decades and perfectly blended with the stone-coloured floors, brilliant yet subtle furnishing, carpets and creative lighting.

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