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Vishram By The Sea - The Key Bunch

October 30, 2008 at 6:30:00 PM

This blog, The Key Bunch, has featured a beach house built on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The house was designed by award-winning designers Benny Kuriakose and Vishalakshi Ramaswamy (also a designer and the owner of the house). The interiors are a homage to fusion design, with Mediterranean colours, native Athangudi tiles, a Kerala-style bathing pool, Indian artefacts, and Vasthusastra blending beautifully. Everything about this house is special– free-flowing open spaces, minimal decor and furniture, and the blue and yellow combinations.

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Sitting here, one can easily forget the bustle and grind of city life and truly unwind, be one with nature, and just live. The use of timber for column brackets, rafters, and eave boards, among other things, adds a richness to the house that is complemented by the traditional Athangudi tile flooring, which adds a rhythm to the spaces with its warm, glowing colours. The doors, windows, and other fixtures are from Vishalakshi’s personal collection, sourced from houses being demolished in her native Chettinad and accumulated over the years. For more information and photographs, visit the link:

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