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Vishram by the Sea


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The muted sound of waves and the quiet serenity of the Kovalam village form the perfect backdrop for Vishram by the Sea- an unconventional beach house. The house demonstrates the intentional connection of formerly isolated parts through a planned flow of spaces. Large verandahs and open areas serve as relaxing siestas on the Athangudi tile flooring. A Kerala style stepped well that blends with the natural surroundings and intricately carved, recycled Chettinad stone columns that line the verandahs are some characteristics that set this home apart. The eco-friendly house has a smooth and gradual slope towards the southwest, allowing the provision of extensive sloping roofs.

Vastu Shastra principles enabled us to experiment with the contours of the land, which resulted in a raised southwest bed, and the northeast accommodated the stepped well. There is extensive use of timber in the interior for all the openings and the traditional furniture. The use of timber for column brackets, the rafters, eave boards, etc., brings a richness to the house enhanced by the traditional Athangudi tile flooring- adding a rhythm to the spaces with their warm glowing colours. The masonry of the staircase and the rest of the interior has a smooth finish, lending a unique aesthetic texture. Vibrant hues that seamlessly blend with the traditional motif capture the essence of the Mediterranean and Chettinad architecture styles. A sustainable home that emanates a soothing atmosphere, Vishram by the Sea is an ode to the heritage and culture of Kerala architecture.

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