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Conceive The Conserve - Kerala Calling

July 31, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

In this article, Benny Kuriakose writes about the Muziris Heritage Project in Kerala from a cultural tourism perspective. "Sustainable tourism," "cultural and intangible heritage," "development of sustainable tourism," "comprehensive development plans," "economic growth and tourism," etc. are some of the topics dealt with in this article.

The long-term sustainability of tourism in Kerala depends on delivering a high-quality tourism experience within our host communities. It depends as well on the wise use and conservation of our natural resources; the protection and enhancement of our environment; and the conservation of our cultural assets, which includes heritage.

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As far as possible, the intangible heritage should not be removed from its context or setting to the extent that its authenticity is affected. The presence of traditional torch bearers is required to bring the heritage to life. Although it is not traditional,integrity of the cultural space plays a major role in presenting an authentic experience. Highly commoditised attractions by the tourism sector for easy consumption have a shorter lifecycle.

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