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Guidelines for the Preparation of a Heritage Management Plan

May 31, 2010 at 6:30:00 PM

Compiled by Benny Kuriakose, Nupur Prothi Khanna, and Malvika Bajaj Sain, this book provides guidelines for the preparation of a heritage management plan. Heritage Management, Cultural Heritage Management, Sustainable Heritage Management, and other related topics are discussed widely here.

INTACH UK TRUST and THE ALKazi Foundation have been sponsoring this series of publications titled "Conservation Briefs." The process starts with identifying the need for an HMP, suggesting the structure of an HMP, and assessing the significance of a heritage property. Subsequently, the document lays emphasis on defining the vision, developing objectives, formulating policy guidelines, and, from these, how to create a programme of action.

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A checklist has been provided to plan implementation, the tendering process, contracts, and work organisation. Project managers are also advised to develop strategies for key areas such as security and safety, risk monitoring, disaster management, and stakeholder participation. The final chapter deals with the need for evaluation throughout the planning and implementation stages of all heritage conservation projects to ensure their success. It aims at inspiring professionals in the field to supplement these guidelines with other aspects of heritage management so as to establish standards for others working in the field of conservation in India.

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