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Mammootty House - Parpidam Magazine

November 3, 2003 at 6:30:00 PM

One fine, handsome morning, film-maker Shyamaprasasd telephones Benny Kuriakose. "Actor Mammootty is going to call you in five minutes. "He is planning to build a house in Chennai," conveys the renowned Malayalam film director to the then budding architect. " The next day, Kuriakose finds himself, startled and silent, wandering through the sets of a film shoot in Chennai. Mammootty meets him on the set, briefs him about the plan of the house he has in his mind, and the duo extend the architectural discussion late into the night after the shoot.

And thus began the professional relationship between them, whose strong, warm bonds are sustained even to this day. This Malayalam article published in Parpidam Magazine details the sustainable, eco-friendly design for Mammootty’s Chennai residence, conceptualised and developed by Benny Kuriakose, with the former opening up on some interesting, light-hearted experiences he shares with the legend.

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"I want a house to be built with natural materials. I do not want much concrete. I do not want large sheets of glass. I do not want marble to be used. Think about an unconventional house. I do not want an expensive house. People should say that Mammootty built a beautiful house. People should not say that because Mammootty had spent a lot of money, but that the house was not livable. " Benny recalls Mammotty's brief about his house.

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