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Muziris Heritage Project - Benny Kuriakose And Rubin DCruz

April 30, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

In this article, Benny Kuriakose and Rubin D'Cruz detail the Muziris Heritage Project and its origin, history, and concept. As the time-honored legacy of the lost ancient port of Muziris is set to revive the forgotten charm of the land and rustle the curiosity of the people, this in-depth article will provide an ample walk-through view of what is in store. The historical monuments and materials made available through Muziris excavations in recent times establish it as a unique location to tell the story of 3000 years of Kerala, a story of coexistence and sharing.

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With the support of the government of India, the Muziris Heritage Project (MHP) encompasses a vast area around the ancient port of Muziris, including various historically and culturally important monuments like India’s first mosque, one of the earliest synagogues, and the oldest surviving European monument in India.

The MHP focuses on retrieving the historical heritage of this cultural region through various initiatives, including historical research, archaeological excavations, integrated heritage conservation and tourism development, and providing public access to historic buildings and sites within the framework of a public-private partnership model. This project has set a precedent in India for adopting an integrated approach to heritage conservation and regional development.

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