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Out Of Control - Indian Architect And Builder

February 29, 2008 at 6:30:00 PM

Architecture Conservationist Benny Kuriakose explores some time-tested traditional architectural details and expresses concerns about contemporary delineation from them. He adopts a firm stand for the revival and re-establishment of some age-old, forgotten traditional and vernacular architecture. Dr. Kuriakose’s reservations about modern architecture and some contemporary architectural practices are evidently brought out in this detailed article.

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Even before the energy crisis of 1973, the failure of modern buildings to cope with a varied climate was apparent. They relied on technology to provide comfortable conditions such as artificial ventilation and air-conditioning. Local and traditional methods that had evolved into simple and successful means of achieving comfort were ignored. The modern movement believed that exploitation of advanced technology would make buildings not only quicker to build and cheaper, but also of a higher standard. Standards were cut. This was bad enough in small buildings, but disastrous in high structures. A few techniques and materials introduced by this were positively dangerous to health, such as asbestos, paints, cavity insulation, air-conditioning, etc.

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