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Thinking Basics - Indian Architect And Builder

August 31, 2008 at 6:30:00 PM

Benny Kuriakose pushes the design community to look beyond its preoccupation with visual detailing to delve into the basics that foster functional responses and durability. An article published in Indian Architect & Builder magazine in which Dr. Kuriakose speaks about simple and sustainable construction practices from an analytic and structural aspect.

The biggest challenge the building industry in India is facing today is ensuring good quality in construction. The durability of a building is highly dependent on the quality of workmanship and the design details. Many modern buildings have maintenance problems. It is not because reinforced cement concrete was used, but the way in which it was handled during the construction.

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The quality of construction and the attention to detail assume great importance where standards and specifications are not strictly followed in the residential building construction scene. The quality of workmanship has come down drastically during the last two decades. Waterproofing the toilets or waterproofing the RCC roof was not at all common when I started to practice twenty years ago. Now it has become the order of the day. Using these construction materials as a shortcut to good workmanship is not at all right for the durability of the buildings.

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