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Sustainable Architecture Designer - Benny Kuriakose

June 12, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

Rajesh Abraham, the director of this video, had it made around the beginning of 2008. In an interview with renowned art critic Mr. Sadanand Menon, it highlights some of the significant Benny Kuriakose projects. He describes the construction of Benny Kuriakose Buildings and the sustainable materials employed in their design.

Benny Kuriakose began his career in 1984 and studied under Laurie Baker for his foundational architectural training. After being granted a Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship at the University of York for an MA in conservation studies, his PhD was awarded by the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

Benny Kuriakose is most well known for his work on the design of public structures and the relocation of buildings in the Kerala Section of Chennai's Dakshinachitra Craft Village. The Muziris Heritage Project, Alleppey Heritage Project, the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Calicut, the Springdale Heritage Resort in Vandiperiyar, and the Anantya Resort in Kanyakumari are a few notable architectural projects. Other notable projects include the design of the tsunami-affected villages of Chinnangudi and Tarangmbadi in Nagapattinam District.

Benny is one of the editors of the book "Guidelines for the Preparation of a Heritage Management Plan" and the author of "Conserving Timber Structures in India." He has given his consulting skills to the UNDP, UNESCO, several state governments, and other organisations.

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