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Vernacular Architecture - The Path to Sustainability

People are slowly straying away from indigenous practices. We are living in concrete jungles with air conditioners being installed everywhere to combat the heat generated within. But does that solve the issue without any repercussions? Can technology and science compensate for a poorly thought-out design? What is the point of copying the west when the climate is nothing like it?

Dr. Benny Kuriakose spoke at TEDx Anant University in Ahmedabad in August 2022. Through his short speech, we get a basic idea of the various materials that were once considered revolutionary but are now found to be unsustainable and toxic to humans. Asbestos, formaldehyde, and CFC are a few such materials commonly used in the construction industry. These materials were born from the need for Indians to imitate the western model. For instance, installing glass panels increased the heat within, which in turn resulted in installing air conditioners and depleting the ozone layer and polluting the environment. People are gradually forgetting indigenous construction methods, and it is time to restore traditional culture to the built environment.

He delivered a powerful speech on vernacular architecture and sustainability. He also talked about the tendency of Indians to imitate western modes of living as far as architecture is concerned. The talk has opened people's eyes to the need to make a difference in the world's climate change crisis, and the use of natural materials like timber is the key to reversing the process.

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