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Neelankarai Green Home - The Hindu

December 24, 2010 at 6:30:00 PM

The Hindu writes an article about the Neelankarai house designed by Benny Kuriakose. It is the home of R. Shankar and Tamil Selvi in Neelankarai that combines the best of both Indian and European styles. This eco-friendly house design combines a Chettinad habitat with modern architectural components has large windows for optimal cross-ventilation, a mutual in the backyard, and a threshold space that combines a Modern house with a traditional touch.

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Benny Kuriakose has cleverly morphed these concepts and aided a privacy element to create a split courtyard or mutram in the back. “We enjoy spending time in the mutram. It is a play area, study area, and relaxation zone all rolled into one,” says Shankar. The yellow-hues rising facade of the house faces the West and blocks the heat from the sun. A mix of European artefacts that Shankar collects during his business travels in Europe, sheer curtains and gleaming antique furniture create an eclectic decor for the house. For more information on the house, visit the link:

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