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Neelankarai House


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Located in East Coast Road, Chennai, Neelankarai House is a contemporary house incorporating sustainable design principles. Large windows with stone covering are one of the most prominent characteristics of the beach house. This contributes to a free way for the natural wind to efficiently ventilate the house. The conscious approach to minimize heat gain and improve natural ventilation, steered the orientation of the building to face West, thus shielding the rear garden from the harmful rays of the sun. A verandah lined with solid granite pillars is a transitional space connecting the indoor and outdoor environments.

It runs along the periphery of the building to enhance the cooling effect within the house. A courtyard travels the entire length of the house in the North-South direction, with an arm extending into the backyard. The use of sustainable building materials like timber, stone, and earth pair elegantly with the yellow-hued facade. Chettinad Athangudi tile flooring is not only a cost-effective option, but also improves the aesthetic appeal of the colourful home.

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