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Vishram by the Sea - Enthralling Sea Facing House - Elle Decor

December 31, 2001 at 6:30:00 PM

This Elle Decor article features Vishram by the Sea, an enthralling sea-facing house in Chennai designed by Dr Benny Kuriakose in collaboration with Visalakshi Ramaswamy. The house is a perfect example of highlighting the co-existence of distinct influences and styles. The residence has a Kerala-style house design with splashes of Mediterranean hues and décor. Elle Decor’s feature dives deep into the spaces and the details of the project and paints a harmonious visual through beautiful beach house pictures.

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“The muted sound of waves crashing on the shore, the gentle rustle of coconut leaves, combined with the languid atmosphere of the seaside, lulls the senses as one enters the beach house. The verandah is lined with Chettinad granite pillars. The sloped roof is supported by bears and rafters salvaged from a Chettinad property. Restoration has been done by Kerala carpenters who have introduced Kerala style carving and embellishments. The Mediterranean floor tiles are by Attangudi craftsmen. The tiles have a natural gloss that is the result of a unique process.” Visit the link to know more about this sun-kissed retreat:

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