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Wayanad House in 50 Beautiful Houses in India

February 28, 2018 at 6:30:00 PM

Along with Casa Rojo beach house, another of Benny Kuriakose’s sustainable, eco-friendly home designs, Wayanad House – a weekend home situated in the broad, coffee-scented steeps of the hill-stations of Wayanad, too, got featured in the "50 Beautiful Houses in India" list prepared by White Flag Publications. The Wayanad House stands testimony to the perfect balance achieved by an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements which co-exist as a cohesive whole, complementing one another.

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In this hillside house, Kuriakose once again explores the green, ecological design concept plan that smoothly blends with traditional construction methods. The concept for the design originated from the expansive views afforded by the site, and accordingly, the spaces were designed. The first design decision was to raise the structure on stilts, allowing for the views to be framed and distinctive. The primary choice of material was timber. To integrate the views of the lush landscape and the hills beyond, the glass needed to be used, a material not extensively used in traditional construction. The assimilation of glass and timber into the construction added a contemporary element to the project.

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