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Anyor Residence


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Anyor Residence of Asthik and Sujan, designed by Benny Kuriakose is a beautiful amalgamation of Gujarati and South Indian architecture. The project was done during the Covid-19 pandemic period and is located in Gujarat. Due to the pandemic, the project was carried out with minimal site visits. Despite all the hindrances, the project was successfully completed with a lot of hard work from the team as well as dedication and communication from the client.

The residence is meticulously designed with elements and materials from the south such as Mangalore tiles for the roof, which catches the attention of the viewer at first glance. The entrance porch is adorned with intricately carved timber pillars on the sides with hexagon-patterned red terracotta colored tiles on the floor. This creates an earthy tone and is carried on to the interiors of the project. The central courtyard uses the same tiling pattern and reckons a traditional touch to the design. The addition of the courtyard allows optimal wind flow and cooling of the building. The design of the interiors was decided with constant communication from the client. The timber furniture used indoors carries over the design language of the exteriors. Skilled craftsmanship can be seen in the woodwork of the pillars, doors, and windows. A soft beige is used on the exterior walls, this causes the whole building to seamlessly blend into the existing landscape and maintains the traditional architecture of Gujarat. The master bedroom opens into a compact swimming pool that is open to the sky.

The Anyor Residence is one of the very few unique projects that incorporates two different styles of architecture. It is very rare to find residences designed with South Indian architecture in the north. This is also the first project from Benny Kuriakose and Associates that is executed in Gujarat.

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