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Akshaya Level Up


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Akshaya Level Up is the residence where three small apartment units were thoughtfully combined to make a single luxury residence unit. The design and its various elements encapsulate the traditional essence of a classical Indian home. The interiors of the residence are elegant with minimal decorative interventions. The living room emanates the warmth and grandeur of a traditional house with intricate carved panels on the walls and classic furnitures. The arches, wooden pillars, and the well-matched furniture help transition the corridor to an informal living space. Carved timber pillars that frame the entrance to the informal living integrate it with other spaces, making it one continuous space. The dining arrangement is simple, with the dining table in the centre of the room and an extended balcony overlooking the outer greenery. Beautiful paintings adorn the walls of all the interiors.

The extensive timber work seen in the house is tempered by plain marble flooring and beige walls, resulting in the ideal blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The residence includes six beautiful, spacious bedrooms. All in all, this elegant house emanates warmth and comfort by striking the right balance between neutral beige hues and pops of timber colours.

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