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Chitra Rajan Residence


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This rustic house in Chennai, surrounded by a lush green landscape garden, is a relaxing haven in the middle of the bustling noises of the city. Time tends to slow down as one enters the home after experiencing the stillness of the lily pond and the rawness of the porch out front. The terracotta jaali walls in the porch allow air to circulate over the water body, allowing evaporative cooling to take place, lowering the total temperature inside the house. The open ventilators on the top floor and wooden windows present in this sloping roof home also help to keep the house cool.

The sunken floor space in the foyer and the use of natural stone and timber add to the traditional charm of the house. The rugged look of this modern traditional house is completed by the reclaimed timber finish gate, raw furniture, hardwood shutters, and dark coloured textured tiles. The meditation room with large openings and the open terrace on the first floor let in plenty of natural light and provide splendid views of the premises. So, with its wide-open spaces, sit-outs, and water feature, Chitra Rajan is a contemporary house that seamlessly integrates peace and comfort into the busy lives of the occupants.

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