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Dhananjayan House


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The Dhananjayan house, a 40-year old structure located in the heart of Adyar, is refurbished to accommodate a residence, dance studio, and photo studio within the same compound. The team planned the redesign with the intent to preserve the essence of the ancestral home while simultaneously bringing in a fresh perspective. The house is opened up to bring nature into the interiors. The renovation of the old house included a sloping tiled roof verandah that breaks the monotony of the formerly dull facade. Large French windows are added to various sides of the house to maintain it well-lit and breezy during the day.

The high ceiling of the sloping roof on the first floor made way for a mezzanine floor that effectively utilizes the space and simultaneously creates a cosy setting. The vibrant coloured Athangudi tile flooring blends well with the unconventional aesthetics of the interiors, and it also keeps the indoor climate optimal during hot summer months. Subtle asymmetrical lighting points and classy upholstered wooden furniture complete the look. The house is secluded from the dance hall/studio at the far end of the site by a green courtyard with a jaali fence. Thus, this ancestral home is renovated using conservation principles while also considering the requirements of the new generations.

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