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Huilekere House


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Inspired by the traditional Coorg Ainmanes, the Huilekere House located amid a coffee estate reveals the functional nuances and richness of the Kodava clans. The house is designed by going back to the roots and understanding the attention to detail that went into the planning of traditional Ainmanes. The front verandah (kayyale), courtyard, and chadara Kamba, or large, square, wooden pillars that taper upward, are all design elements that pay homage to Coorg Ainmane's centuries-old traditions. The house is raised on a stone plinth, instead of mud. It contains long, polished slabs of wood fixed on low parapets called ‘aimaras’ that are given for seating in the front verandah.

The courtyards (mund) of this house prompt natural light and ventilation. All the other rooms lead off the hallways around the courtyards. The tiled roof slopes downward around the two courtyards and on all four sides of the house. The service block, which houses the laundry and maid quarters, is located across the porch from the main house's entrance. Extensive timber work done by expert craftsmen can be seen throughout the house. Therefore, this traditional home is proof that “form follows function” can create aesthetically pleasing creations without any additional decorative elements for the elevations.

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