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Isaac House


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Isaac House in Chennai incorporates the various elements that encapsulate the traditional essence of a classical Indian home with a mini blend of features of a contemporary house. It was designed for the late Isaac Thomas Kottukapally, an Indian film composer, music director, and script writer who worked primarily in Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi films. It is a beautiful white residence with wide timber windows and doors and a sloping Kerala roof design that stands out from the scenic backdrop while fitting into the visual frame. The exterior of the structure is wrapped in a duet of white and timber. The trees placed around the lawn, as well as the pool in front, create a great welcome atmosphere. The interiors are likewise incredibly large and roomy. The bedrooms are very spacious and have separate workspaces and dressing areas.

An elegant contemporary style was used to embellish the interior with touches of traditional style with timber detailing. This contemporary home's interior design has extensive timberwork, which exudes a sense of grandeur. The residence is adorned with numerous antique treasures on display. Therefore, the perfect balance attained by a flawless blending of contemporary and traditional components that co-exist as a cohesive whole is exemplified by Isaac House.

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