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Kodaikanal House


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Located in the picturesque hilly town of Kodaikanal on Upper lake road, the Kodaikanal House beholds a flattering view of the lake. The challenge posed by this narrow and steep site provided us with the direction to design a home that followed the topography of the region. As a result, the house comprises multiple levels to suit the slope and maximise the view of the lake from every room. The servants' quarters are located in the basement, while the other areas are present above, ensuring the occupants' privacy. The communal areas are located on the ground floor, and the individual bedrooms are located on the top floor.

The open floor layout helped keep the spaces connected while also providing them with appropriate separation from the other open areas. Our approach included climate-responsive architecture methods like random rubble masonry that stays true to the Kodaikanal architectural style and expansive windows that capture the carefully framed vistas. A timber deck that serves as an intermediary between the low-level garden and the ground floor makes for a generous sit-out area to hold an intimate gathering and enjoy the pleasant weather.

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