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Once Upon A Hut


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Once Upon a Hut which is located in the serene town of Injambakkam is a reminiscence of a traditional farmhouse that is now restored into a humble dwelling. The client needed a home that could accommodate her dual lifestyle: being rooted in the simplicity of a rustic model while still living in the buzz of the contemporary "today”. So, all the spaces are open, and one flows into the other. The verandah, an interactive space that encourages a calm setting, suited for individuals to unwind, is surrounded by beautiful green landscaping.

The living room is an airy, tall space where the ceiling goes up to the sloping tiled roof. A timber staircase connects the ground floor to the added mezzanine floor that harbours a spacious bedroom with an attached bath. The dining area is tucked under the mezzanine, making it a cohesive space as it adjoins the kitchen. The traditional open-to-sky bath area abuts the house and is part of the secluded courtyard. Recycled windows and doors that blur the lines between the tranquil view and the traditional interiors, also take care of natural ventilation.

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