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Pedanandipadu House


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In the Pedanandipadu village, near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh stands this house, designed to mirror its traditional context. To bring nature indoors, a number of vast open places are planned for the site. Near the entrance, a separate servant quarters structure with a courtyard, kitchen, and other conveniences is provided. The house is shielded from the severe heat and rain by an extended and uninterrupted verandah on the north side. The indoor spaces are modest in design, and all of the communal spaces on the ground floor open up to the courtyards that surround the house.

The carved timber pillars that frame the entrance to the dining room integrate it with the living, making it one continuous space. All of the bedrooms are spacious, with separate dressing areas and workstations. Local craftsmen and artisans carved out the stone columns seen supporting the house. Bright-coloured Athangudi tiles cover the floor of this Andhra Pradesh house. Traditional timber furniture, translucent furnishings, and light-coloured clean walls bring attention to the flooring. Finally, the vintage decor completes the equation by adding a personal touch to the home.

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