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Srishti is a residence where the elements of traditional Kerala architecture have been transformed to suit its contemporary context. A compact courtyard with grass block pavers greets you as you enter the home, and it also helps to brighten up the living area. The staircase overlooking the courtyard winds around a panoramic elevator to act as a buffer between the dining and family living areas while integrating them into one space. The living, kitchen and bedrooms are arranged surrounding the courtyard and the winding staircase. The bedrooms on the first floor open onto a serene sit-out area.

A large game room with sleek timber false ceiling and beige flooring, along with an indoor swimming pool, is also present. The expansive attic space on the floor above is left unfurnished to function as a multi-purpose space for the residents. The carved timber elements all over the house complement the otherwise simple interiors. With its extensive use of timber and elaborate sloping roof, Srishti radiates the charm of a traditional Kerala home in Chennai.

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