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Tharavad, which translates to a traditional ancestral home in Malayalam, weaves together the nostalgia and soul of Kerala architecture. This 25-cent plot of land on the Bay of Bengal coast captures the glory of the past with an open courtyard supported by Chettinad stone pillars, a spacious back verandah overlooking a private garden, and a built-in timber seating called "Charupadi" that allows for much-needed comfort in the company of nature. "Padippura” or gatehouse, a typical Kerala architecture feature forms the entrance to the house. The adornment of the entryway by authentic stone pillars brought from Calicut, together with timber, stone and tiles, continues the traditional theme.

The central courtyard or "Nadumuttam" is designed with elements drawn from the design of a nalukettu house. Chettinad wooden pillars, lanterns, diyas, brass urlis and Chandana vilakku from a Chettinad temple are flanking the heavy main door. The recycled windows and french doors give the house an airy and spacious feeling by bringing in enough natural ventilation. Finally, the tharavad house exudes elegance, comfort and convenience with a natural earthiness.

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