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Wayanad House


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Located in the picturesque landscape of Wayanad, the contemporary house in Kerala follows the contours of the steep plot of land in the midst of a coffee estate. The unobstructed view of the lush landscape and the hills beyond was the deciding factor in the design of the house. Because of the slope and the possibility of framing the diverse vistas, one of the first options was to build the house on stilts. A location was chosen so that vehicular access could be from one side while the remaining three sides would afford unimpeded views of the estate and the hills beyond.

The house has two bedrooms with a large hall. The open kitchen is part of the hall and there is a mezzanine floor. On entering the home, however, the gaze is immediately drawn outwards to the striking views of the lush landscape through the three tall glass walls. The varying heights encompassed within the spaces were incorporated as an aesthetic element, such as the hall which has a double-height ceiling as opposed to the other spaces having low height ceilings. Designed for a client who runs a timber business, the interior design of this contemporary home displays extensive timber work executed by traditional craftsmen in Kerala. Wood, additionally, introduced an aura of warmth and relaxation befitting of a weekend home. Therefore, the perfect balance attained by a flawless blending of contemporary and traditional components that co-exist as a cohesive whole is exemplified by Wayanad House.

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