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Ninan Thariyan House


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Ninan Thariyan House, located in a small village in Ernakulam district, Kerala, is a quaint Kerala house that strives to rethink the psychological and physical aspects of designing a home. The entrance faces the green fields, unlike the customary practice of the verandah overlooking the road. Thus, this entails a tranquil atmosphere and obstructs the acoustic intervention of the busy road adjacent to it. In this single storey house, the bedrooms are scattered around a linear volume containing an open courtyard, family living and dining areas. Verandahs strategically placed to face the greenery serve as transition zones between the indoors and the outdoors.

The house is covered by a sloping roof, a distinct feature of Kerala architecture to protect the walls from extreme weather. The sloping roof and interiors are executed with the help of local carpenters, who utilized recycled timber in the construction. The carved stone pillars are made by stone craftsmen from Kanyakumari. The interiors are a kaleidoscope of colourful furnishings and decor, balanced by the beige walls and floors. Thus, this contemporary Kerala house surrounded by lush foliage is the ideal environment for calm and peaceful living.

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