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Do You Need an Architect to Design Your Home?

The idea of building your own home is alluring and these days it has become quite easy to do it. There are many books with detailed architectural drawings and designs. Moreover, you know best about the requirements for your new house. You can choose all the details and can have complete control over the project. There is nobody to impose their taste on you. All these can make you think that you do not need an architect/designer to build your house. Unfortunately, this is not true. You need an architect/designer to design and build your house. It is difficult to carry out design and execution by pictures seen on the internet. You need people who have worked in the field to guide you in the right direction. That is why this article outlines three main reasons why you should hire designers for your home.

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Why Risk Your Dream House?

You may think that some of the architectural house plans available on the internet or magazines may suit your requirements. You may get carried away by the elevation of these houses. Having said that, house construction is much more complex than buying items from a store. One disadvantage of copying such plans and elevations is that they are made for a different site and a different person. Your site might have a large mango tree, a beautiful view of the mountains or it might have different levels.

The ready-made drawings might not be taking these aspects into account. As a result, you might have difficulties when making modifications to it in order to suit the site and requirements. Making such changes to the floor plan, elevations or interiors without proper expertise can spoil the whole house. You may not understand the logic and/or the implication of making such alterations. Even a small revision in a positive direction may bring in a new disadvantage. The details may get overlooked or misinterpreted.

You might have done this with good intentions of saving money. Regardless of how good your intentions are, certain aspects that an experienced architect can anticipate may be neglected while you make changes yourself. Even though you may save money on the architect’s fees, his/her advice may be useful in the long run. It will save money in the coming years. Thus, your needs and quality of life won’t be compromised. Therefore, it is clear that an architect is the best person to build a house.

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Three Reasons to Hire an Architect to Design Your Dream House

Creative Solutions to Problems

For the majority of people, building a house is a once-in-a-lifetime project. Normally, they are prone to discussing and seeking opinions about the design with different people. Some of these people may not be able to hire the services of an architect, because they cannot afford the fees. In such a case, they seek the services of a lower-grade professional. Generally, this turns out to be a useful alternative. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that they may not be able to introduce unique innovations in the house. The house may not turn out to be unique.

Still, shouldn’t your lifelong home be one-of-a-kind? Wouldn’t it be nice if it stood out from the crowd? An architect will make sure that every house is unique just like the people who live in them. They think from all sides and come up with creative, functional and economical solutions. They give suggestions based on the site conditions and ensure that the house is integrated with the surrounding environment.

Functional as Well as Aesthetic Performance

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It is not the look, but the feel of a house that matters. The architecture of the house is to be experienced and not confined to beautiful pictures. Only good designers can give this feeling to the house you are going to live in. They can do projects that are both functional and attractive.

Architects Can Manage the Construction

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Some house owners terminate the role of the designer after the drawings are given. Is the role of the architect needed only during the initial phase of building a house? No, I say that their services are needed the most during construction. Because, even if the planning of a house is done, you need technical expertise to bring it to life. For instance, it is difficult to know the beam size or slab thickness without the help of professionals.

Therefore, the job of an architect does not end after giving the drawings for construction. In fact, his/her job is also to coordinate the construction between civil, electrical, plumbing, and other related works. He/she also controls the costs and makes sure that the original concept of the design is carried out. The architect supervising the construction is like an auditor who keeps an eye on the accounts.

The responsibility of the architect/contractor might be even more if the works are handled by different agencies or sub-contractors. However, this may not be true if the client has prior experience in construction. In that case, the owners themselves can oversee and manage the construction. In my opinion, the house owners should discuss all suggestions with the architect, and the architect should also be open-minded enough to accommodate their point of view.

To Conclude

The construction of a house is successful only when everybody works towards the same goal. It is a collaborative effort between the client, the contractor, and the project architect. You may have to choose both the architect and the contractor of the house based on their previous creations. But, don’t just look at their educational qualification; consider other factors like originality, and client satisfaction as designing is more about common sense and practical understanding than it is about academic excellence.

The choice is up to you. Any designer would make sure that the home has both physical and visual comfort. They ensure to meet all your requirements and find ways to create charming designs. They come up with a variety of solutions while remaining affordable and original. They include sustainable living practices and integrate design with the surrounding environment. So, think clearly and choose wisely.


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