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Gables Bungalow


A Colonial-style house in Coonoor, the Gables Bungalow was conserved and altered to accommodate the current lifestyle of its residents. This English heritage villa has maintained a well-balanced mix of British architectural flavour while adapting to the Nilgiris' weather. Being a structurally stable and sound building, only architectural alterations were carried out in the Bungalow. A hallway separates the public space for hosting guests from the private areas of the residence. A spacious ballroom, living and salon are present at the front of the passage, while the private bedrooms, library and dining area there on the other side.

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Another distinguishing characteristic is that each room has many entrances, allowing easy access to other areas of the house and making a well-connected network. The house is surrounded on all sides by expansive gardens, which provide a pleasant atmosphere for the owners. Unsightly additions such as cladding, metal grills, etc. were removed to increase the aesthetic value of the built environment. Timber members, previously covered in chipped paint, were revived to the original timber finish. The original antique furniture, furnishings, decor, and craftsmanship maintain the colonial-era regal air in the house. Thus, the conservation serves as an upgrade to the home by incorporating the contemporary needs of the occupants, while maintaining its ancient traditions.

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