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Selva Seetharaman House


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Selva Seetharaman house is a renovation project in an n apartment building in Chennai that showcases elements of traditional Chettinad architecture in a contemporary context. The changes to the interiors have been done with minimal interventions to the existing apartment and without disturbing the existing structural components. The living room is separated from the foyer using a storage unit cum partition. The living room emanates the warmth of a traditional Chettinad house due to the sculpted wooden beams in the false ceiling and the substantial timberwork of the TV unit. Carved timber pillars that frame the entrance to the dining room integrate it with the living, making it one continuous space.

The dining arrangement is simple, with the dining table in the centre of the room and a washbasin on one side. The study room has a long table below the window and substantial storage units to house the extensive book collection of the residents. The extensive woodwork seen in the house is tempered by plain marble flooring and white walls, resulting in the ideal blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

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