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Seema Residence was one of the initial designs by Benny Kuriakose and Associates in 1985, in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. It was a period when the Laurie Baker style of architecture was closely followed before departing from it. The home is built of exposed brickwork, with the entrance framed by pointed arches. The arched doorways add to the visual appeal of the house while also distributing the load to the sides of the walls. The construction with the exposed brickwork helps provide a cool environment for the home. The colours and textures of exposed masonry also add a unique character to this house. The carefully located small ventilators provide adequate ventilation while also ensuring protection for the residents. Features like a circular tower-like structure that holds the staircase, etc. make the residence more distinctive.

Even after 37 years , the traditional construction of exposed brick and lime mortar, as well as flexible planning, keeps it relevant to the local climate and satisfies the family’s current needs .This residence is a fine example of how a region's vernacular architecture practises can create durable as well as visually impressive structures that are both climate-responsive and thermally efficient.

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