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Puthran Sima Residence


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Puthran and Sima residence is an intimate contemporary house in Velacherry that sits on high ground with lush landscaping overlooking the entrance. The compact area has been used successfully by creating multiple levels that comfortably accommodate all the needs of the residents. The car park and office spaces are located on the ground level, while the private areas are present above them, establishing a clear boundary. In the later stages of construction, a study room was added to the mezzanine floor to provide residents with solitude and quiet time.

A Mangalore tile roof partially encloses the terrace floor, providing privacy and protection from the elements while allowing a lovely breeze to enter through the gap between the parapet wall and the roof end. To lend a signature touch to the house, colourful handmade ceramic tiles were used in various places, including the washrooms and the party area on the terrace. The dark-coloured furniture and wall decorations provide a striking contrast to the light-coloured interior. All in all, this compact house emanates warmth and comfort by striking the right balance between neutral beige hues and pops of colour.

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