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Rasa is a compact two-storied agraharam house that was conserved and extended without disturbing the existing features of the building. The goal is to smoothly integrate the improvements into the existing framework of the house. The well, and courtyard beyond the dining room, have been retained and included in the refurbishment. Despite being a single building, the house functions as independent apartments on each floor with separate living, kitchen, and bedroom facilities. The communal staircase on the ground floor, near the entrance verandah, provides access to the upper floors while maintaining the seclusion of the ground floor rooms.

The interiors of this linear plot are skillfully coordinated, with brightly coloured athangudi tile flooring, light coloured walls, and minimal ornaments. The use of sleek furniture and simple furnishing also helps to keep the limited area from being crowded. A combination of white cool tile and athangudi tiles are used on the terrace to offer relief from the harsh heat of Chennai city. The simple facade and minimally carved timber pillars complement this contemporary house’s humbleness and elegance.

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