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'Chandan' was one of the earliest designs by Benny Kuriakose and Associates in 1985, in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. It was a time when the Laurie Baker style of architecture was closely followed before breaking from it. Laurie Baker's unconventional building techniques, such as exposed brickwork, filler slab technique, arches and domes, curved walls, and frameless windows and doors, were incorporated into the design. The house is made of exposed brickwork, with an arched porch framing the entryway. The arched doorways and coloured bay windows enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of the house. The exposed brickwork in the structure contributes to the home's cooling. The colours and textures of exposed brickwork give this house a distinct personality. The strategically placed tiny ventilators offer appropriate ventilation while also protecting the people.

Even after 37 years, the traditional construction of exposed brick and lime mortar, as well as its flexible layout, keeps it relevant to the local climate and meets the demands of the family. This home is an incredible example of how a region's vernacular design practices can produce long-lasting, visually appealing structures that are both climate-responsive and thermally efficient.

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